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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 What is UA Test Kits™ and how does it work?
Q2 How does UA Test Kits™ compare to the other cups and testing procedures?
Q3 How can my business benefit from UA Test Kits™
Q4 Are there any legal medications that can trigger positive results?
Q5 A urine sample that tested positive with a DrugScreen™ test came back as negative after I sent it to the lab!
Q6 Are Morphine, Opiates, and Heroin the same kind of drug?
Q7 How long will drugs stay in my system?
Q8 Which drugs do you test for?
Q9 What is the shelf life of the on-site test devices?
Q10 Do the results hold up in court?
Q11 How accurate are your drug tests?
Q12 Is it possible to test positive for THC (marijuana) from exposure to second hand smoke?
Q13 Will commonly used substances such as vitamins, penicillin, aspirin, caffeine and acetaminophen (Tylenol), affect the results?
Q14 Are there any legal medications that can trigger positive results?
Q15 What is the difference between Methamphetamine and Amphetamine?
Q16 Which category covers Ecstasy?
Q17 Is on site testing as accurate as laboratory testing?
Q18 What are the advantages to on site testing?
Q19 What is adulteration?
Q20 Does adulteration work?
Q21 How can I prevent adulteration?             To BUY Adulteration tests --> CLICK HERE
Q22 What drugs should I test for?
Q23 Can we test ourselves in house?
Q24 What happens if I get a positive result for a drug?
Q25 What are some Drug Slang terms and what do they mean?
Q26 What are some of the signs / symptoms of drug abuse?